Welcome to Science Fantasy Hub!¬†Fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, and Science Fantasy books have come to the right place. This is the website of author S Shane Thomas. You can learn about his series, the Anki Legacies here. There are also dozens of book reviews, most from indie and small press Up-and-Comers like Shane. Watch Shane chat it up with other authors and fans about the hottest indie books he’s read. Read free Writer Battles here too. Shane butts in on another writer’s plot and runs off with the hero! Discover a bold new way to browse books. There’s also a page below that lets you know about other places to find great speculative fiction and writer resources. Shane also blogs about speculation in non-fiction. Yup, conspiracy theories, UFOs, cryptozoids, and all things theorized and unproven.

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Book Reviews

During the day I road-trip all over the Northeast United States. By harnessing the power of bluetooth stereo, text-to-speech phone apps, and audiobooks I review five or six books a month. I also pass on ones I don’t like, so this is a curated list of my personal recommended reading.




Shane’s Book Club TV

I like talking about books. I drives the people in my life a bit crazy sometimes. I put these chats together so that I can talk with other authors and readers of science fiction and fantasy. There are some great conversations here! Come get to know the authors as we talk about themes I discovered in their work.



Anki Legacies: Science Fantasy book series

What happens when humanity discovers magical spacecraft from our distant past? Enter the Anki Legacies. A blend of fantasy and science fiction leads you deep into a universe where ancient aliens left dangerous relics strewn about a galaxy they apparently abandoned. Humanity faces danger, discover, and new companions in the wake of the ancient Anki Empire. Check out the current books and Shane’s works in progress.



Writer Battle

Enter the world of Writer Battle! Author S Shane Thomas takes on some of his favorite authors and the results are genre mashups in short story form. Check out all the battles or learn how to start your own!






About S Shane Thomas

In short, I loved Wheel of Time, Dark Tower, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Dragon Ball so much I started crafting my own fiction. Now I use my business education and experience to grow this Science Fantasy Hub!

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Allies of the Hub

Are we alone in the universe? Nope. I’m not even alone in bringing you the best speculative fiction books from emerging authors.¬† These are the websites I turn to when I want to read or create fiction. You’ll find everything here; giveaway promoters, writer workshops, facebook groups, online magazines, and maybe even your next read!



My Kinda Geek

Find books sorted by topics you geek out on! Add stuff you’ve geeked out on!

My books are about stone age archaeology, ancient aliens, conspiracy theories, and one’s a total homage to Dragon Ball (the original, when Goku is a boy). People who geek out on that stuff will love my books. No website sorts by geek… until now!


Letters About Real Conspiracies

Could fantasy be based upon reality? Is there truth about the world we simply don’t see? Check out Rob and Shane’s collaborative blog that delves into UFOs, cryptozoids, conspiracies, lost civilizations, and all the other possibilities. Not only do we love speculative fiction, we love to speculate about nonfiction!


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